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Message to all of you, DIY fans!

We are product designers and engineers and, therefore, we usually play around with small parts assemblies, electronic circuits, test rigs,  and jobs alike. We are also fond to build scale models and mockups.

Many times we find ourselves missing a “third hand” to hold that transistor we are welding, that piece we are painting, that small bolt we had to tighten and so on.

And finally, one day we came up with this idea we have named FixÓ!:

FixÓ is an innovative third-hand tool, re-designed from scratch to improve your welding, repairing and model making in a more comfortable and reliable way.

It is robust and flexible, very easy to handle and precisely holds your pieces in position while you work on them.

Now we also want you to benefit from this really handy tool. So we are launching this crowdfunding campaign to ask for your support to bring it to life. Help us making it real!

Greetings and thanks from

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