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Nuestra visión del papel actual del diseño

En el artículo que publicamos con este título en el nº 4 de la revista de diseño e ingeniería Proyecta56 exponemos algunas ideas sobre nuestra concepción del diseño industrial y su rol en el contexto actual.

Podéis leerlo aquí.

El equipo de Dinamo

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Message to all of you, DIY fans!

We are product designers and engineers and, therefore, we usually play around with small parts assemblies, electronic circuits, test rigs,  and jobs alike. We are also fond to build scale models and mockups.

Many times we find ourselves missing a “third hand” to hold that transistor we are welding, that piece we are painting, that small bolt we had to tighten and so on.

And finally, one day we came up with this idea we have named FixÓ!:

FixÓ is an innovative third-hand tool, re-designed from scratch to improve your welding, repairing and model making in a more comfortable and reliable way.

It is robust and flexible, very easy to handle and precisely holds your pieces in position while you work on them.

Now we also want you to benefit from this really handy tool. So we are launching this crowdfunding campaign to ask for your support to bring it to life. Help us making it real!

Greetings and thanks from

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KTbot presentará el stand de TEKNIKER en la BIEMH

KTbot es el resultado de nuestro último proyecto con TEKNIKER, un robot-guía que tras estrenarse con gran éxito en el museo Eureka de la Ciencia de San Sebastián, ahora presentará el stand de este centro tecnológico en la Bienal de la Máquina Herramienta, que se celebrará del 2 al 7 de junio en el BEC de Barakaldo. Además de guía será un demostrador ideal de la especialización del centro en varias tecnologías robóticas.

Dinamo también visitará esta feria en la que varios de nuestros clientes también presentan sus novedades. Allí nos vemos.

Un saludo del equipo de

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Dinamo wins RedDot-award

Competing against ambitious and numerous candidates, the new range of Hot-Melt melters, redesigned for Meler by Dinamo, convinced the international experts jury with its design quality and ranks among the winners of this year’s Red Dot, the sought-after award for design excellence.

From 7 july 2014, when the Red Dot Gala will be held in Essen, the product will be exhibited in the Red Dot Design Museum-Essen and in the online exhibition, one of the largest design exhibitions on the Internet.

We will love to meet you there if you are also planning to attend. Let us know!

Best regards from the DINAMO team


Dinamo am Köln-DesignWeek Passagen Ausstellung

Im Rahmen der 2014-IMM Messe organisiert der KölnDesign Verein, zu dem Dinamo als Mitglied gehört, die Kölndesign-Passagen Ausstellung, zu der wir Sie herzlich einladen möchten. Die Ausstellung findet vom 13. bis zum 19. Januar in der Heliostrasse, 35 – Köln-Ehrenfeld statt. Hierbei werden wir mit einem Exponat, das vor kurzem mit einem iF-Preis ausgezeichnet worden ist, auftreten.

Am Donnerstag, dem 16. Januar, ab 18 Uhr wird den Besuchern ein Cocktailabend angeboten. Wir würden uns sehr freuen Sie dort zu treffen, um Theme Ihres Interesses zu diskutieren.

Sie sind herzlich willkommen. Grüße.

New product launch, designed by Dinamo

Our last project, HeadActive® by Onlywise®, was recently launched and shown at the Rehacare´2013 fair in Düsseldorf. HeadActive® is a new holding system for children and adults with neck hypotonia. Easy to place and adjust, HeadActive® will safely and reliably allow these patients to keep their heads up and look straight at the world around them. A whole new and rewarding experience for them and their love ones. See how here.

Dinamo has embraced the challenge to accomplish this project in a record term in order to show the product in this fair.